Galvanized Steel Half Round End Cap

.Premier Steel galvanized half round end caps are available in 2 styles-SELF SEALING UNIVERSAL and TRADITIONAL flat, left/right.

-Self Sealing Universal End Cap-


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-Available in 5" and 6"Gutter-

Produced from 24 gauge (.024)  zinc magnesium coated steel and sprayed with a proprietary scratch and fade resistant paint. 

This end cap simply taps on with a mallet, no adhesive or sealants are required.             Available in 5 popular colors and unpainted G90 galvanized.


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-Traditional Flat Left/Right End Cap-

 galvanized steel half round end cap

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-Available For 7.5"Gutter-

 Produced from 24 ga. G90 galvanized steel and coated with a baked on, extra-thick special polyester coating. Available in 2 colors.

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dark bronze  describe the image