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World Gutter Systems is Turning "Green"

Posted by Steve Kruggeron Wed, Nov 30, 2011 @ 09:25 PM

With the increasing awareness of how fragile our environment is, protecting and preserving it has become a core value here at World Gutter Systems. We have adopted a policy of embracing the newest "green" technologies throughout the company and to that end, we're replacing our fleet of  trucks used to deliver our Copper, Zinc and Steel Gutter and Downspout with brand new peterbilt models.

delivery truckP1010339PACCAR PX6

What makes these trucks so environmentally friendly is the new pacar engine technology that uses SCR "Selective Catalytic Reduction". This new technology achieves near-zero emissions of NOx, greenhouse gases and smog causing compounds, while providing more power, improved fuel economy and better reliability.

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How To choose The Right Size Copper Cuploa

Posted by Steve Kruggeron Fri, Oct 21, 2011 @ 01:44 PM

What size cupola do I need?

Choosing the right size cupola for your roof is crucial. To look right, the cupola must be in proper proportion to the size of the roof, too small and the cupola will have a "bird house" appearance. Too large and it becomes much too overpowering and dominant. fortunately, choosing the perfect size can be as easy as following the simple formula described below.

The method of choosing the right size Copper Cupola for your rooftop as simple as remembering this old rule of thumb:

"For each linear foot of unbroken ridge line, you should have one inch of cupola width"

However, our experience has lead us to recommend altering this rule to:

"For each foot of unbroken ridge line, you should have 1 1/4 inches of cupola width"

        ridge line

For example: If the ridge line of your building is 25', the recommended cupola width would be 30 to 31". The reason we recommend a slightly larger size is that our many years of producing Copper Cupolas has showed us that this will provide for a more eye appealing and balanced appearance. A Cupola that is a little too small will look much more out of place than one that is a little too large. If you have a steep (greater than 9/12) roof pitch, the need for a slightly larger cupola is even more important.

If you have any questions about these ratios or measurements please don't hesitate to call us and a knowledgeable staff member will be glad to help you select the proper size for your copper cupola.

copper cupolacopper cupolacopper cupolacopper cupolacopper cupoladescribe the imagecopper cupolacopper cuploa


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Copper Gutters Add Impressive Curb Appeal

Posted by Steve Kruggeron Thu, Oct 13, 2011 @ 03:49 PM

Copper gutters make a real statement when it comes to the appearance, value and curb appeal of your home. Copper is a unique metal that will gracefully age with your home, adding style and elegance as the beautiful patina develops. If you're looking for a way to make your home stand out in your neighborhood, it's time to start thinking...copper gutters and downspouts.

Half Round Copper Gutters
But where to start? Although it may not be your first impulse, upgrading to copper gutters will make a real impact on your home's exterior. While their durability and performance is unmatched by other gutter materials, it's their stunning appearance that will make your neighbor's head turn.

First and foremost,the color of copper gutters is what makes them so unusual and so attractive. When installed, the beautiful metallic sheen of the gutter will be obvious, but over time and exposure to the elements, the copper will begin to oxidize and turn to a light bronze at first, then a darker bronze as it ages, eventually ending in a beautiful greencolor. Called patina, the final color (and the time it takes to achieve it) will vary depending on theweather conditions and overall air quality surrounding the home. But one thing is for sure: rather than merely fulfilling a mechanical necessity, copper gutters become an elegant addition to a home's style and appearance.

For the more practical minded, it's important to note the lifespan of copper gutters. When installed properly, these gutters can last anywhere from 80 to 100 years. They require no maintenance, other than the usual cleaning needed to remove debris and keep water flowing freely. You may also want to consider that because copper is completely natural and 100% recyclable, it is commonlyconsidered a "green," environmentally friendly product.Italso won't negatively impactyour home's immediate environment. You cancontinue to use rain barrel collection from your downspouts if desired, without having to worry about what might be leaching into the water whenyou use iton your home garden.

So whether you're interested in form or function, consider bringing a little bit of autumn's beauty and color into your home's external appearance. Take a look at copper gutters for your next home improvement project.

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Do Copper Gutters have a PhD in Economics?

Posted by Steve Kruggeron Wed, Oct 05, 2011 @ 06:51 PM

chart ws commodity metals copper 201192211185.top What do Copper Gutters have to do with Economic Forecasting? If your in the business of buying or selling Copper Gutters, then you probably understand the relationship.

Check this article about the price of copper and its relationship to the world economy...

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- "The sky is falling! The sky is falling!" That's what copper traders must be thinking today, as prices plunged more than 7% amid mounting fears that the global economic slowdown may turn into an outright recession.

Copper prices are closely followed as a key predictor of the economy since the base metal is used to manufacture goods ranging from cars to to computers to plumbing pipes.

Read the full article at... CNN Money


Dr. Copper

Copper is a closely watched economic barometer that many institutional investors often use.  Now, when someone asks "What the heck does Copper have to do with the world economy?" you can say " Copper is the only metal said to have a PhD in Economics"


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Architectural History of The Cupola

Posted by Steve Kruggeron Mon, Oct 03, 2011 @ 12:03 PM
What is a Cupola?Copper Cupola

A Cupola (pronounced "kyou'puh luh") is a structure that sits atop a larger rooftop or dome and can range in size from very basic and small, to extremely large and ornate. The small can be a simple vented box you would see on a barn while the cupola on St. Peters Basilica in Rome is an example of the other extreme.

Large Cupolas may be accessible from a stairway on the inside giving a commanding vantage point from which to look out over the world.  This kind of cupola is often called a belvedere or a "widow's walk".  Often smaller cupolas are constructed without accses from inside and windows are added which provide a natural light source for illuminating the spaces below, these types of cupolas are also known as "lanterns".


History of the Cupola

The origins and history of the Cupola can be traced back to 8th century Islamic architecture. These first cupolas placed atop minarets, were large and sometimes ornate structures with one or more balconies from which the daily call to prayer would be announced. These early cupolas are very significant because they are believed to be the inspiration for the dome which led to massive achievements in architectural design. These bold new designs that emerged, were used as symbols for proof of cultural superiority. During the renaissance, most major european cities and Islamic states were building a plethora of these magnificent buildings. The cupola had evolved to allow architecture to become a very artistic and creative status symbol and Today, the cupola stands as a statement of a major achievement in architecture.

Why Add A Cupola?

Installing a Copper Cupola to your new or existing home is a great way to add interest and character to your roof top. Adding this architectural detail will provide valuable curb appeal that will certainly make your home stand out in your neighborhood. A cupola's main function is to provide ventilation. By removing moist air from your home you will prevent a bevy of problems, such as mold/mildew, peeling paint and premature rotting of the wood in your new or renovated home. Proper ventilation is a must in any building and is often overlooked todays new homes. Proper ventilation becomes especially important in coastal areas and humid climates and adding a functioning copper cupola is bound to save you money over it's lifetime.


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Protect your Copper Gutter investment by installing Gutter Guards

Posted by Steve Kruggeron Fri, Sep 23, 2011 @ 07:00 PM

OK, So you've made a big investment in the value and beauty of your home by installing Copper Gutters and downspouts. Now's the time to consider protecting your investment by adding leaf protection.

Leaves and Gutter Guard 

describe the imageIt's that time of year again, time when leaves start falling from the trees by the truck load and falling leaves are probably by far the biggest culprit contributing to clogged gutters and downspouts.  Everyone knows cleaning your clogged gutters can be dirty, unpleasant dangerous work, and a mishap can be minor, (giving up a Sat. afternoon) to at worst, fatal. You can avoid the hassle of doing it yourself and the expense of hiring a contractor by installing copper gutter guards to your rain gutters.

Prevent Damage with a Gutter Guard System

Cleaning your Gutters is a necessary part of maintaining your home and Ignoring clogged gutters is not an option. Doing so can result in mold, mildew damage, wood rot and if ignored for long enough, could lead to expensive repairs and restoration. Gutter Guards can greatly reduce the time and expense it take to perform this necessary home maintenance.describe the image



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