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World Gutter Systems is Turning "Green"

Posted by Steve Krugger on Wed, Nov 30, 2011 @ 09:25 PM

With the increasing awareness of how fragile our environment is, protecting and preserving it has become a core value here at World Gutter Systems. We have adopted a policy of embracing the newest "green" technologies throughout the company and to that end, we're replacing our fleet of  trucks used to deliver our Copper, Zinc and Steel Gutter and Downspout with brand new peterbilt models.

delivery truckP1010339PACCAR PX6

What makes these trucks so environmentally friendly is the new pacar engine technology that uses SCR "Selective Catalytic Reduction". This new technology achieves near-zero emissions of NOx, greenhouse gases and smog causing compounds, while providing more power, improved fuel economy and better reliability.

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